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FIBERS: Do not think that you will lose weight with slimming products containing fibers which promise to decrease the excess of fat in a few weeks. If one does not accompany their ingestion with an adequate diet, they are not effective.

The principal advantage of these products is the capacity to form a gel in the stomach which causes a feeling of satiety. These products make it possible moreover to mobilize fat. Except for people with a digestive intolerance, the complements containing fibers do not have side effects. The specialists recognize that these products can help if one makes a diet but inform that the products alone do not make weight lose.

The complements such as the algae, spiraling and others are very beneficial because they bring minerals and energy and no calories. Products of the bees: royal jelly, pollen, etc, are an important source of vitality.

GREASES: It is essential to decrease greases absorption and to change their source. Grease in excess makes grow fat because it brings the double of calories than proteins and carbohydrates. It is important that it comes from mono-saturated or polyunsaturated - dry fish, fruits, olive oil, etc - instead saturated of animal origin - red meats, pork-butchery, butter, fried oil, dairy whole products, etc. It is extremely dangerous to completely eliminate grease from our food. Grease provides us the essential energy for the body functions. All balanced diets must include a contribution in greases.

EXERCISES: Until the approach of thirties people have a greater energy expenditure, they are used to move, go out, dance, make a sport, etc, but with the time life becomes more sedentary. Moreover, when we advance in age, our metabolism becomes slower. We must then reduce our caloric intake or increase our physical exercise and even often, both. The exercise helps to burn the calories and to obtain our wished weight more quickly.

Moreover, by strengthening our muscles we increase tonicity and will prevent that our body becomes flask. With physical exercise we contribute to have a good cardiovascular health and to increase our tonicity and our vitality. Physical exercise is particularly recommended to reduce belly because even if the diet helps to reduce fat and thus the volume of the abdomen, one will not be able to obtain a belly flat and invigorated without exercises focused on this part. In this case abdominal ones are essential.


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