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Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the reasons to lose weight are numerous. It was established that people with an overweight of more than 20% have more probabilities of suffering from diseases, especially from cardiovascular problems and diabetes or a premature death. This risk disappears with a return of the weight to the normal.
The most effective ways to lose weight are the physical activity and a reduced fat supply. The physical activities which do not require too much effort, such as walk, swimming, and bicycle are effective but require a regular practice.

TIPS: Try to note what you eat, when and why and to find when you eat by hunger and when you eat by anxiety. Try to maintain the stomach full (liquids or food). Consume little food but more often to stabilize the level of glucose and to avoid the sugar fall which starts the appetite.

The carbohydrates are good but misleading. The simple ones, as sugar, help to reduce the feeling of hunger but the effect is limited. The complexes, like pasta, potatoes and rice, take more time to produce energy and control the hunger longer.

Eat slowly. The relay between the stomach and the brain takes approximately 20 minutes to receive the message of satiety. To chew gently and lengthily before swallowing contributes to this process.

Drink a large glass of water before the meals and small mouthfuls between the dishes. Avoid the inhibitors of the appetite. In general they contain amphetamines which excite the nervous system, can increase the blood pressure and increase the appetite with their stop.

Do not jump off the meals: The body must be fed regularly. To jump a meal goes against the line because each meal supposes energy expenditure. If one rather introduces the same quantity of food in three times than into two, one consumes a third of calories moreover.

If one eats regularly and without excess, the body uses this energy immediately but if a heavy meal is had, especially the night, it stores a part in the reserves. The regular catches avoid the nibbling and the discharges of insulin, the hormone which stimulates the appetite.

It is not wise to mislead the stomach with a biscuit or another sugar refinery because that is paid in the balance. One directly sends these in-cases in the body storage and one can produce presence of sugar in blood with anarchistic insulin secretions.

The experiments showed that the activity of sugar in the body - slow sugars like bread, pasta , rice- or rapids (sugar, jam, chocolate, etc) - depends less in their nature that in the way in which they are consumed: alone or during a meal. The ration of sugar essential to the body must be consumed at table and like ingredient of a meal and not outwards to satisfy a desire.


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